Why you should bring a dog home

It is important to make sure that you are ready for this move, for the change that this will bring in your life and schedule, and from a financial perspective. A dog at home means trips three times a day, special food, and the giving of endless love.

In addition, Caleb carries with him numerous, regular and temporary expenses for veterinarians, preparations, haircuts and even medical treatments for illnesses. In case you are not ready to deal with it yet, it is highly recommended that you spare the dog and yourself the disappointment and suffering and do not try for the coming period.

Prefer to adopt a dog from a dog rather than a private individual dog – a familiar animal will always find buyers, while the dogs in our country are filled with tens of thousands of adorable dogs every moment. Many zoos kill the animals that remain in the area after a few weeks, and nonprofits that do not choose to act in this way are usually unable to provide most dogs with close treatment because of the overcrowding. This is such a great conversation starter with men! This is so awesome! In this way you can adopt a new friend from a wide variety and in addition, a dog that you take out of her dogs will give endless love and be full of gratitude for giving him a new life. So buy yourself a dog, get him a dog bottle for going out and a hair comb that will help you comb his hair.

And what about race? While purebred dogs give you a certain prestige, mixed ones tend to be far more intelligent, tend to have a longer life span and less inherited diseases.

A purebred dog has a high probability of being as much as his breed, which means his character traits are known in advance, as well as his innate qualities: dog height, dog appearance, dog strength and dog health. Another thing that is known in advance is genetic and hereditary diseases that are characteristic of one breed or another and very typical For purebred dogs in particular. A mixed dog will always provide a surprise. Mixed dogs are considered smarter than purebred and healthier dogs. You will never know what kind of dog you raise, what their life expectancy (mixed dogs will live for several years longer than their breeds) you will never know if the dog is healthy or morbid, but remember, most often, mixed dogs are healthier. In their bodies and even souls from purebred dogs.

(The reason for these differences is the subject of another article) True dog lovers are filled with sorrow at the thousands of abandoned dogs roaming the streets, without a home, and scavenging in the trash for food. These dogs are your life of grief and suffering at best and merciless death at worst. In Canada, there are concentrated adoption days of associations dealing with the rescue of abandoned / injured / lonely dogs and there are hundreds of adoption ads in the various tables.

In conclusion: dogs are interesting, smart, and most importantly loving pets. They deserve our love and understanding !! So we should think carefully about which dog we would like to raise and whether we really need a purebred dog, or should we become kind with a nice mixed dog that will grace our people and be our brother. . Don’t forget to find out about the habitat, ask questions in the relevant forums and even visit the habitat physically and see the conditions under which the dogs are raised.

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