What to buy for a new cat?

Carrying cage for cat

A carrying cage for a cat or as some of us call it a travel cage, is a must-have product for cat parents. Just as you should not take a baby in the car on your hands, so it is not recommended to take a cat anywhere, without a carrying cage. The role of the carrying cage is first and foremost to bring the cat home safely, securely, and in good spirits. The cage is then used for visits to the vet, and can be used as a hiding place for the cat.

Sandbox for cat

A litter box is a very important purchase, which can change, as needed, as the cat grows. In the first stage, it is recommended to purchase a simple rectangular plastic box, with a raised frame, of medium size. The choice of a medium-sized open rectangular crate is requested when it comes to a young puppy up to the age of 5-6 months, so that the puppy can easily get in and have enough space to walk around inside.

Later on, you may prefer to purchase a closed box that traps the smell inside and with the help of a filter in the ceiling filters the smell of urine and is more aesthetically pleasing in a more crowded home. To view common box types click here

Raincoat for cats

If youre cat is going to live only in the choose you can ignore this section, but if you are planning to get the cat out for a walk a few times a week, than you must get yourself a cat raincoat. This will protect the cat from the outside environment, and will make him feel awesome when wlking outside. Simply a must.

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