How To Cope With Long Distance Relationships?

Many couples live miles apart from each other and can only see one another at weekends or every few weeks or even months. So how can you keep the spark alive and maintain a loving relationship? Read this article to discover how to cope with long distance relationships.

Long distance relationships have become much more common. Often couples who meet online may live in different towns or even continents.

You may have to work away from home, and this can mean your marriage has suddenly become long distance. Whatever the reason, how can you cope?

Keeping in touch

Instant messaging, Skype, Facebook, AOL and Yahoo, mean that you can chat to each other anytime. Video chat enables you to see each other making communication just like being in the same room as your love. Even if you can’t physically touch each other a webcam means you can still see each other. Phone each other or text.

You could take it in turns and buy international phone cards to keep the cost down. It’s important to keep in touch and talk each day. You often find that long distance relationships develop on a deeper level as physical contact is limited. You can’t just build the relationship on sex.

Being faithful

If you’re only seeing each other a couple of times a year you have to decide if you’re going to date other people. Feeling lonely shouldn’t be an excuse to cheat on your love. Trust can be a big issue in a long distance relationship. Wondering what he or she is up to when you’re not chatting online can lead to insecurity and jealousy.

It can take a lot of mental strength to keep going and there may be times when you doubt the relationship. Gaps in communication may make you suspect that it’s coming to an end, and there is no real way of knowing if your love is being faithful.

Gifts to keep the spark alive

Receiving a cute and romantic gift from each other can help to keep the spark alive.

Surprise your loved one by arranging for a delivery of their favourite flowers! Attach a handwritten card professing your love for them! This is always a lovely surprise! You could use Inter flora or other international delivery services.

Be creative and think of new ways to surprise your love. You could write a love letter and post it. Receiving a letter in the post shows you’ve taken time and trouble over it.

Virtual dates

candle light dinnerJust because you’re apart doesn’t mean you can’t date each other. Watch a movie online together. You can watch it at the same time and then talk about it after. This will be like a virtual date at the cinema. You can’t hold hands, but you can still share the experience

Share a meal together. This may sound impossible if you’re miles apart, but just like watching the film together, you are sharing the experience of the dinner date without being physically present. Choose a menu that you both like and cook it together at the same time. Set the table and make it look romantic with candles and soft music playing in the background.

Arrange the laptop on the table, and make sure the webcam is on so that you can see each other. Make an effort with your appearance just as if you were going on a real dinner date, and encourage him or her to do the same. Although you can’t taste each other’s cooking you are still eating the same food. You could talk about the shared recipe and what you thought about the finished dish.

Setting goals for the future
Long distance relationships work better if you have some sort of long term goal. At some point you will need to plan your life living together if the relationship is to last. In some cases this may mean moving to another country, and one of you will have to be prepared to make some life changing decisions. This can be even more challenging if language is a barrier. If this is the case you will both need to be able to understand each other’s language and culture. If you can’t plan a future then your relationship isn’t likely to last.

Making travel arrangements
Seeing each other can work out expensive if you live a long way from one other. You have to think about the time and money involved. Living in the next town or state isn’t too bad, however living in another continent is a different matter. You can get some good deals on air fares on the internet and you may be able to collect air miles with some credit card companies or supermarket loyalty cards.

If money isn’t an option for your love start by working out what she or he needs to legally enter the country in which you live. This most likely is a passport or visa, both of which take several weeks to process. The sooner you start getting things underway, the sooner you’ll be able to actually meet and touch one another.

So in conclusion long distance relationships can work out despite all the obstacles. If you can maintain regular communication and trust each other then you have a higher chance of it surviving. Make future plans together and keep focused on them when you hit bad times.

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