How Do You Know If Your Husband Is Cheating?

How do you know if your husband is cheating? have you become suspicious of your husband’s behaviour? Do you think he may be seeing another woman?

Does he buy you gifts more often than he used to? If he never bought you flowers but comes home with a large bouquet of roses, do you think he feels guilty over something, or is it a genuine gift of love?

what are the reasons for your suspicions? is he working late more often than normal? Does he take phone calls in secret? If you suspect something is up and he isn’t being truthful with you then you need to do some detective work. Be careful thought as you don’t want him to realise that you’re on to him!

One very easy way that women often overlook is to check his browser history. If he is on the computer a lot and hides away in another room it’s possible he may be emailing her, or chatting to her on a social site. You can see what sites he’s been looking at and if he’s been buying expensive gifts that you haven’t received. He may have been buying her flowers or jewellery online, or even booked a restaurant or hotel room.

You could check his mobile phone to see if there are any messages from another woman. Be cautious doing this as you may wished you hadn’t if you find something.

It can come as a shock to discover your husband has been cheating, and once you know for sure you then have to decide if you should confront him about it, or simply hope he stops seeing her.

If he keeps working late at the office, you could surprise him by turning up unannounced. Take a small gift with you such as a cake or sandwich. You will soon know if he is genuinely working or if he is with another woman. Be aware that this could be very upsetting since if he is cheating not only will you know what’s going on, but your husband will know you’ve found out and been following him. This will bring things to a head and there is no going back.

Breaking up a marriage is life changing. It could mean selling your home and moving away. If you’ve been together a long time this can be a very traumatic event. If there are children involved it will affect them as well.

However can you live with a cheating husband knowing he is seeing another woman behind your back? You will always be wondering what he’s up to, and you may be imagining them sharing intimate moments together. It’s possible that this other woman may have even been in your house. Have you ever arrived home and smelt a strange scent that doesn’t belong to you?

Another sign of a cheating husband is if he turns down social events with you. If he suggests you go to a party without him, or tells you to go shopping with your friends as he’s to busy to go with you, then this could mean he is planning to see this other woman.

Does he seem to be far away when you’re talking to him? If he’s stopped showing interest in what you say and seems to be ignoring you then his mind may be elsewhere.

Does he make excuses for not having sex? If he’s always tired and doesn’t show any affection this isn’t a good sign. He may make excuses that work is stressing him, or that he isn’t feeling well.

Showering immediately he gets home may be sign he’s covering his tracks. If he’s been with another woman her scent may have lingered on his clothes. Some men are not very bright, and he may leave evidence such as a bar or restaurant receipt in his jacket pocket.

You could also try searching in the glove compartment of his car. He may feel it’s a safe place to store evidence, and somewhere you’d never think to look!

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