What Are The Sure Signs He Likes You?

You see a guy you like at college or work, and your friends tell you he likes you, but how can you be sure? he stares at you a lot, but if you look at him he quickly looks away.

he always seems to be in the same place as you. He goes out of his way to sit next to you in class and is always asking you questions about homework.

If this guy is in your workplace, he may be hanging around you at the water cooler or canteen. These are some of the sure signs he likes you.

The poor guy is probably too shy to talk to you, so you need to offer him some encouragement. Smile and make simple conversation.

Fear of rejection can stop a guy from showing he likes you.
Fear of rejection can hold many guys back from approaching a woman no matter how much he fancies her. If you sense he likes you just giving a little encouragement will help to make him feel at ease and more confident at talking to you. Try flirting a little with him as well.

Some guys are very shy and insecure, especially if they are very young. If he acts nervously around you, and laughs or fools around with his mates, he may be just trying to get your attention. This type of immature behaviour is typical of a very young guy.

Guys can give off mixed signals which can be confusing. For example he may make you coffee or tea at work, and may buy you a cake to go with it. Yet another time he may ignore you and seem distracted.

Look at his body language

You can tell if a guy likes you by his body language. The eyes give a lot away. A warm genuine smile is a good sign, especially if his eyes sparkle and light up when he sees you. When we look at something we like, our pupils dilate. Of course if you are in a darkened environment this experiment doesn’t work as they would be dilated anyway!

If you are talking together and he leans in towards you even though he can hear you very clearly then this is a good sign. If his torso is facing you and his legs and feet are pointing towards you this is a very good sign that he likes you.

Preening such as straightening his tie and pushing his fingers through his hair are signs he is trying to impress you. Preening is usually associated with birds, but other animals including humans do it as well. It’s often done on an unconscious level so he may not be aware of it.

He sees a future with you

how to read a manIf a guy likes you he will suggest a future date well before the first date is over. He will think of things you can do together and will be planning in advance. He is seeing a future with you and is including you in his plans.

If he doesn’t call or text you after the date it may seem tempting to call him. Don’t keep leaving voicemail messages or sending him texts if he doesn’t respond back. He knows your phone number and probably hasn’t been abducted by aliens or fallen through a hole in the ground!

Does he make excuses and ignores your calls?

A guy who makes excuses and fails to answer your calls or reply to your texts just isn’t interested in you. The best advice in this case is to move on. There are plenty of other guys out there.

It’s the little things that show he likes you.
Some guys are more romantic than others. Some will send you flowers even if it’s not your birthday, while others will even forget your birthday! This isn’t always a sign he doesn’t like you. It’s often the little things that show he really is in to you.

For example he opens doors for you, carries heavy bags for you, buys you small thoughtful gifts, he cheers you up after a bad day and makes you laugh. He lends you his jacket when you feel cold. This is a very protective gesture and letting you wear something that’s been close to him is like him saying you are part of him.

Sex may not always mean he’s really into you

Having sex with a guy doesn’t necessarily mean he likes you. Men are different to women in that they can have sex without becoming emotionally involved. If you are in a sexual relationship with a guy, but he only sees you when he feels like it, and shows little concern, then he isn’t in love with you. He could be having sex with you but thinking about another woman.

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