Career Path for the Social Sciences

Professional Options for Graduates of the Social Sciences

Pursuing a degree in any of the fields under the social sciences prepares you for a broad range of jobs. After completing a bachelor’s degree, you can easily look for internship opportunities to complement your formal education. Many companies open their doors to new graduates to give them the chance to learn the ropes of different businesses and develop skills that would be beneficial to any trade.


What are the Different Branches of Humanities

What are the Different Branches of HumanitiesThe field of humanities covers a broad spectrum of educational fields dealing with the human condition. The learning process for these courses involves the implementation of different techniques like analysis and the application of both critical and speculative thinking. Such a distinct approach to learning makes it entirely different from the methodologies for the natural sciences which basically involve experimentation.

Social Media as a Sociological Phenomenon: How It Is Improving Lives

The study of the humanities, specifically, Sociology, teaches us that human society has suffered from inequality since time immemorial. Through many mistakes on the part of both leaders and ordinary citizens, society has always ended up not being able to best provide for the needs of all citizens. Because of this, so many people believe that inequality is just something that we have to accept is an inevitable part of daily life.

However, inequality isn’t actually set in stone. The study of sociology has, in fact, has shown that there are sociological phenomena that have proven to be very successful in curbing inequality. In this post, I am going to concentrate on one sociological phenomenon that has pushed people to do good: social media. Through social media, so many people all over the world are exerting better efforts at improving the lives of people.

Just how exactly is social media making people do good? For one, because every act can now be documented and shared with so many people via social media, so many people now do good so that they can post about them being “good people” on social media. People want to look good in other people’s eyes, and so they are willing to go to great lengths just to prove it – with this consideration in mind, it’s easy to see why people are utilizing social media to bolster their image.

Of course, to some people, the “social media for good” phenomenon is off-putting, considering that most people’s primary motivation for doing good now is to be able to brag about being good citizens on social media. Whatever the case may be, it cannot be denied that it has resulted in so many people living better lives. You may dismiss the true aims of people who do good deeds just to be able to share pro-social experiences on social media, but you cannot deny that they are actually improving the lives of so many people.

“I really wanted to help out this poor housing community, so I decided to hire a plumber Toronto citizens trust to deal with the community’s plumbing problems. Thanks to the plumber, all the houses in the community are now waterproof. The houses are now very hygienic, so it is definitely going to improve the health of the people living in them. The residents of the houses can’t stop thanking me for what I did, and it’s really very heart-warming.” – a photo post on a social networking site by a certain Mark Mason.

Sure, some people might think that Mason’s post is just him showing off his being a “good guy,” but one can’t deny that he was able to help out so many people living in a poor housing community by having a waterproofing expert in Toronto deal with their plumbing problems.

Whatever the case may be, the sociological phenomenon that is social media should be further studied by the academe. By further studying it, we might be able to develop better ways of harnessing it for social good. Social media is already doing us a great favour by getting people to help out disadvantaged communities, what more when we are already harnessing it for maximum results?

How to Raise Money for Social Causes

So many people in our country still don’t have access to basic services. Whether it’s food, water, shelter, education, or healthcare, you can expect a significant part of our country’s population to not have enough resources to afford some (if not all) of them. Thankfully, the government and private entities have formed agencies that deal with this problem. Through the initiatives of such agencies, so many disadvantaged people from all over the country have gotten access to basic necessities. However, despite the efforts of such organizations, they are still not able to reach everyone in need. This is because they lack the resources to do so. The good news is that everyone can help in their efforts to serve disadvantaged people. In this post, I am going to talk about one way you can do this.

Most people don’t realize this, but even a donation of a few hundred dollars goes a long way in bettering the quality of life of disadvantaged people. For this reason, everyone should make it a point to donate money to social services. The good news is that donating thousands of dollars a month isn’t such a big deal anymore, and this is all thanks to online trading. So many charitable individuals are now doing online trading, and they donate a significant portion of their earnings to the social causes of their choice.

One of the most popular forms of online trading among charitable individuals is binary options trading. Why is this form of trading so popular among them? For one, this is because they can earn so much money from it even if they only spend an hour or two a day doing it. Most brokerages now offer services that make binary options trading very safe for one’s investments yet very profitable at the same time (e.g. Banc de Binary pro charts). By spending a short amount of time each day doing binary options trading, any person can earn thousands of dollars a month. If they are charitable, they can donate a huge portion of their earnings (if not all of it) to the social cause of their choice.

Currently, around 10% of binary options traders who work with Banc de Binary (see Banc de Binary customer reviews for the exact statistics) regularly donate their earnings to social causes. Considering that there are millions of binary options traders worldwide, 10% is actually a big amount. Of course, it would still be better if more people did binary options trading for the purpose of helping out social causes. For each thousand dollars one donates to charity, they are able to help so many families survive for one more day.

Hopefully, what I have written here will get more of my readers to look into binary options trading for the purpose of helping out. You don’t have to donate all your earnings from it; what’s important is that your donation comes from the heart. Even donating just a few hundred dollars a month to the social cause of your choice is a big help. Do not underestimate the degree of positive impact you can make by doing this.

The Cayman Islands: An Investors Paradise

investorsSuccessful businesses always had to start by making choices, and considering how some businesses had grown into billion dollar conglomerates, the first step decisions they made were all but the deciding factor in making them are today. One of the founding pioneers in the real estate development in the Grand Cayman Islands (learn more, click here), Ken Dart, decided to set up his real estate business here when his family came here for their vacation nearly 25 years ago. He noticed the ideal political and socioeconomic stature of the Cayman Islands was an ideal place to set up his future business, and so he did.

Considering the high standards of living and the prosperous tourist trade, Ken Dart quickly realized that his goal of starting up his real estate empire can be easily achieved here. Consider how the government conducts its economic and political control, favoring investments to flow in naturally, favoring both investors and the local government. One of the major consideration is the Cayman Islands’ position as one of the sixth largest international banking centers of the world, all of which it owes to the stability and security of its government. Belonging to the territory of the British Virgin Islands, the centuries old domination of the United Kingdom was the economical backbone on which the Cayman Islands governmental and socioeconomic structure was founded.

The European standards of banking, finance and commerce have attracted multinational investors to the Cayman Islands because of the highest standards of services provided by banks, company management, structured financing systems and even aircraft and mercantile vessel registrations. Competent services with international standards meet the investors’ needs. One obvious point on why investors often consider investing and opening up corporate bank accounts in the Cayman Islands is its lenient tax regulations, no imposing compulsory asset and liabilities declarations from investors and multinational companies.

Such leniency can oftentimes be mistaken for the government’s lack of transparency in regards to divulging the privacy of its investors’ accounts. The government of the Cayman Islands does cooperate with the international community in regards to cases of graft and corruption as requested through international court proceedings, in which they gladly supply the much needed information concerning fraudulent financial accounts deposited in their banking system.

The Cayman Island Monetary Authority (CIMA), regulates all the banking and financing activity of the Cayman Islands. A major part of its financial influx comes from off shore accounts deposited to their banks. As said before, the reason is because its tax regulations and its banking privacy laws attract mostly 80% of its off shore depositors. Also, it is very reasonable to consider 40 of the top 50 banking institutions in the world hold their registration in the Cayman Islands, in fact, there are more registered banks in the Cayman Islands than hotels.

It is no wonder why international investors consider the Cayman Islands a paradise within a paradise. It is one of the world’s top tourist destination attracting tourists from around the world to the year round splendor of its beaches and friendly hospitality. It is also a paradise for investors who enjoy the financial and socioeconomic climate which assures them of a stable business environment.

The Stress Free Way to Buy Your First Home

the-stress-free-way-to-buy-your-first-homeIf you are looking to buy your first home or condo as I was, or looking to upgrade to larger one to accommodate a growing family, then this post is for you.  Maybe you don’t fit either category. Perhaps you’re downsizing or planning for retirement.  Either way, if you’re not too familiar with buying a home or condo, this article sounds like it’s calling your name. Buying your first property can be very stressful, draining you of energy, if you let it.

I was in your shoes not too long ago, and I searched all over the internet for as many articles as I could find, in an attempt to make such a new experience come more naturally to me, and to avoid any surprises.

I came across Zoocasa in my attempt to find a mortgage calculator, and was surprised to see that they offered a section on buying your first home.  After seeing the headlines, I read all five articles they had, laid out in laymen’s terms, and I no longer felt as if I were going through the process alone.  Well my fiancé was there too, but I felt I had to act like I was the expert.

Anyway, the website has an article on how much you plan on spending, down payments, what to be aware of when purchasing, additional costs, and finally, making that offer.  Zoocasa even has listings posted for Vaughan real estate, including huge rebates, so if you’re unsure of what area you plan on settling down in, check out the properties they have to offer. Remember it never hurts to just look and see what’s out there, and never settle for the first property you look at. Check out others in the same area as well as price range for reference as far as what to expect, and what homes of that size are typically going for.

So if you’re discussing the process with someone, or even by yourself, I’d highly recommend putting a lot of research in to make it as comfortable as possible. You can search the web, or you could check the website yourself at If you do, I promise you will be able to find the answers to all the questions keeping you up night after night, and you can go into the process strong, knowing that you have the knowledge and no one’s going to make a fool out of you or take advantage of you.

I’m glad I came across their site as it really helped ease all the stress I felt was coming at me a once and put the entire thing into a less stressful perspective.  Not only that but I was able to sit down with a realtor and I knew and understood what he was saying. I was able to make sense of everything without the need of a Real Estate for Dummies book, so if you haven’t already, check it out, the site, not the book.

How To Get A Canadian Mortgage On US Property

For many Canadians, purchasing a second home is an ideal way to spend their time following retirement. Oftentimes, the enticement of sunny beaches and year round good weather draws many people to consider buying property in a warm locale like Florida or Arizona.

If you have a large nest egg of cash sitting in the bank, the transaction isn’t all that difficult.  To get a sense of how much home you can afford, you can utilize various online mortgage calculators such as  For Canadians hoping to obtain a mortgage on US property, the process can become a bit more expensive and time-consuming. If you’ve thought about finding out how to get a Canadian mortgage on US property, you’re sadly out of luck. For legal reasons, Canadian lenders will not lend on real estate in the United States. In the event of default, they may have a tough time trying to take possession of the property.

There are other options available in some situations that may be advantageous for you to consider over a normal US mortgage. By understanding the challenges faced during the mortgage process, you can compare your options and find the best choice for you.

Problems with Obtaining A Mortgage In The United States

Compared to the mortgage process in Canada, applying for a loan for a home purchase in the United States is much more time-consuming and expensive. For US residents, there are numerous financial products available that offer interest rates from 4-5% or even lower. They also have options available to purchase homes with only a 3.5% down payment. Regretfully, these options are only available to legal residents of the United States, so unless you obtain residency status, the mortgages available to you are going to be more costly.

As a non-resident Canadian purchasing property in the United States, the average home loan will likely:

  • Have an interest rate of 6.5%+.
  • Require a down payment of 25-30% of the total cost of the home.
  • Have closing costs that are 2-3% of the purchase price compared to much lower Canadian fees

There are also some other differences that you’ll notice between Canadian and US mortgages. One of the most common is in the US, mortgages are generally written for a term of 15, 20 or 30 years, compared with the normal 3-5 year loan terms seen in Canada.

One last thing about obtaining a mortgage in the United States – the process is much longer. In Canada, it’s common for the mortgage process to take just a few weeks or less. Expect, from application to the closing, to wait twice as long, with 4-5 weeks or longer being common to close on US loans.

Access the Equity In Your Canadian Property

With US mortgages more costly than their Canadian counterparts, many people turn towards creative options to finance their US real estate purchase. One of the most common ways for Canadians to obtain the funds needed to purchase a second home is by using the equity they have already build up in their Canadian home. If you own your home outright, obtaining the cash is quick and simple by taking out a loan against your home. If you still owe on the home, but have paid down your residence’s mortgage, refinancing your property to cash out your equity may be a viable option if you have an open loan; that is, one with no restrictions or penalties for refinancing.

If you are not able to refinance the current mortgage on your home due to the terms of the agreement, a home equity line of credit (commonly referred to as a HELOC) is a popular way to borrow money much more affordably than through a standard US mortgage.

Check Out Lenders That Are Subsidiaries of Canadian Banks

If cashing out the equity in your Canadian home is not an option, consider meeting with US-based bank subsidiaries of Canadian lenders. Both RBC and TD Bank, along with other major financial institutions, have branches located around the United States. While these locations cannot offer you a Canadian mortgage on US property, they can likely offer slightly better rates than their US competitors. This is because, unlike many other lenders, these banks can take your Canadian credit history, along with any past transactions with them, into consideration.

Even though there is no way how to get a Canadian mortgage on US property, there are still viable options. The cheapest and most popular alternative is to refinance or take a HELOC out on Canadian real estate, taking advantage of low interest rates and less fees. When refinancing isn’t an option, meeting with Canadian lenders with US offices can sometimes garner a slightly less costly mortgage. If all other options fail, going with a US mortgage isn’t the worst thing ever. With property prices still relatively low, and even interest rates of 6.5% lower than historical averages, the value seen in many situations is still great compared to many popular domestic second-home locations.

Using Storage Units in this Economy

using-storage-units-in-this-economyIt’s not always easy to find a place for everything we own. More and more people are looking for creative ways to store their stuff. The situation has fueled the start up of many storage companies, allowing you to bring your stuff to an air conditioned and heated room. The article will go over some of the best tips and strategies for finding a storage unit appropriate for your situation.

Size is always a big issue when it comes to storage. You will have to decide how much space you will really need. An important thing to remember is bigger is always better. You don’t want to get all of your stuff packed in a storage unit and realize you need a bigger space. It’s smart to always get all the stuff you want to store together and make a rough estimation of how much space it will need.

Like we stated earlier most units of heating or cooling built in. Now if you don’t really need that feature you might be able to save some money. Storage units typically come in two different types one is on an on sire heated and cooled location while the other is like a garage and it’s not heated or cooled. So if your stuff will do fine with changing temperatures then don’t worry about getting a more expensive unit.

Where you live is also going to be a big factor in choosing how to store your belongings. In urban or city areas there tends to be more of the temperature controlled garage unit styles. In rural or small city areas there tends to be more self-managed storage units.

Some companies are aiming to change the way storage works and have started a monthly service where you pay for the amount of storage you have. The company drops off the containers or totes for you to fill; then, they collect and store them. Whenever you need the items, the company will deliver the container.  Such a service is great for people who are short on thine, but it’s a little pricey and you will end up saving much more money by storing things your self.

One thing to point out about storage is contracts. The companies are all interested in long term business and are looking for people who are willing to sign long term contracts. You need to make sure you are going to be storing your stuff there for a while before you enter into any signed contract.

If you decide to use a storage unit to store your stuff, the first step is to find a company you can rely on. There are several companies located all throughout Canada. An easy reference for you to check out is They offer some of the best services you will find and are happy to answer any questions you have about your personal storage needs.

Changing Careers and Taking IT Courses

different-types-training-courses - Course ExpertI’ve worked in the construction industry for 20 years. The pay was good, but it was getting harder and harder to keep up with the demands of the job. I really felt like it was time for a career change. I saw an advertisement online for career training in the IT industry. Specifically, it was advertising online it training. I liked a few aspects about this notion. First, I like the specialty. Over the years I’ve taught myself a lot about computers and networking as a hobby. I figured that if I like doing it for free, I wouldn’t mind getting paid to do the same thing. Also, I liked the fact that the coursework was available online. Being able to complete the program at my own pace in the comfort of my own home really suits my learning style. I haven’t stepped foot in a classroom in years, so I’m a little apprehensive about going back to a regular school.

I followed where the link took me, and started to browse the site. I was surprised to see that there were a variety of programs offered. There were so many options, that I didn’t quite know where to start. I decided to look at each of the programs in-depth to better understand what they offered. In the end, I thought about what it was that I enjoyed doing most, and what type of job I’d enjoy having after I completed the courses. That helped me decided to focus my coursework on networking. I felt like I already had a good foundation, but I knew that I still had room to grow.

I know that completing this coursework will take a little while, but I’m willing to work hard and put in the time. I know that it will be well worth the effort once I’m done. I’ll be able to start a brand new career. It almost feels like I’m starting a new part of my life. I’m really excited about what this next chapter of my life will offer.

Digital (Binary) Options Explained

binaryBinary options are options that pay either a fixed amount or nothing – thus the all-or-nothing tag – depending on the fulfillment or non-fulfillment when the option expires. Binary contracts are available on virtually every asset traded in the global market including but not limited to stocks, currencies and commodities as well as indices.

According to leading binary options website,, the ins and outs of binary options trading can be better understood by comparing digital options and traditional options on several terms including:

• Expiration
Digital options have a wide variety of expiration terms as set by the market (i.e., end of day, end of the hour, and even every 15 minutes) while vanilla options expire at the end of each month.

• Payout
Vanilla options have variable payouts depending on factors like underlying asset price but binary options have fixed payout – if you have it, for that matter, since you may well end up with nothing from the trading.

• In-the-money
Digital options traders are only concerned about the direction of the options, which can either be above or below, while vanilla options traders will consider strike price and asset price before executing the trade.

• Right to buy
Traditional options traders/owners have the right to exercise their options and then turn these into stocks in case the latter expires “in the money”; not so with digital options traders.

A leading company in the binary options space is EasyXP.

Easy XP has developed a good reputation for the level of service they provide. They have plenty to offer clients. The company has a modern day approach when it comes to problem solving and although they have years of trading expertise they still take the time to listen to their clients so they can provide a superior experience for site users.

EasyXP is an expert in options and Forex.

The company has created a superior platform and has provided valuable information to clients on their website. Clients who have the chance to access the type of guidance that is available are able to enhance their trading experience.

  • Minimum Deposit Amount: $200
  • Payout Percentage: 81%
  • Demo Account: None
  • Bonus Amount 75% (up to the amount of $9,999)
  • First Deposit Bonus
  • Bonus Amount 50% (up to $4,999)
  • First Deposit Bonus

Track Records to Guide for Decisions

lawyerWhen choosing a provider of professional services I like to look at the person’s track record or the firm’s track record when making the decision to hire. Generally speaking people who contribute to society via humanitarian efforts do a better job when dealing with customers. Such an idea is, of course, just my opinion but I have anecdotal evidence in my life experience to back it up. Recently I was looking for a lawyer and came across Bergeron Clifford LLP while researching a local food drive. The name came up as a major volunteer. Now when I say a major volunteer, I don’t simply mean someone who donated money or food to the food drive. This particular lawyer donated his time and we all know that a lawyer’s time costs more than the average wage earner. So I was impressed by his actions and decided to approach him to see why he decided to donate as much time as he did.

After talking to him I got a feel that he was a passionate individual who volunteered a lot of his time for a few different causes he cared about, one of which was improving traffic safety. You can see more information about what he does in the area of traffic safety by checking out the Ottawa Road Safety Infographic that he has on his website. I know it might seem a bit weird that an ottawa injury lawyer would be concerned with traffic safety since it seems much of his income comes from the lack of traffic safety. However, it is because of how close this issue is to his every day activity that he is so passionate about changing the state of traffic safety as it currently sits.

He sees people who have had life changing traffic related injuries on a daily basis and he believes traffic safety can be improved which would, in turn, lower the number of people who are involved in these life changing, devastating traffic accidents. When I asked him how he felt about the idea that if traffic safety was increased his client pool would shrink, he said that he isn’t worried because his law degree doesn’t limit his practice to injury victims. He could easily go and practice law in some other area. He also said he is just one person and, as much as he wants to help people by pushing for better traffic safety, he knows he probably won’t be able to make a huge dent in that area by himself.

He is starting to get other people involved. He sees his mission as education. He believes if he can grow the movement through education, change will come slowly but swell to an overwhelming push actually effecting change in the area of traffic safety. Once the changes are made in his city then it is inevitable, he know changes will be made in other major cities and before you know it, the new traffic safety standards will be standard everywhere.

How Hard is It to Find Home Tutoring Services?

Digital Image by Sean Locke Digital Planet Design www.digitalplanetdesign.comSome of the people I am in college with are talking about doing something a bit different this summer. They are going to be starting a little enterprise in home tuition, or home tutoring I suppose. I know them all from the math department and all of them are pretty smart. A lot of them are going to be teachers and they figure this is good practice. Of course it has an element of science in it, because they are looking to try out different methods and also looking at different types of students. The girl who is behind it is interested in figuring out these sorts of things. They were asking me if I was interested, but to be honest I was planning upon spending my summer having a lot more fun than this appears to be. I have a significant amount of money that my grandfather gave me and I figure that I might never get the opportunity to take an extended period of time off just to have fun.

I was thinking that this could be a fairly good business idea, but that you should probably be more flexible than just doing it at a person’s home. It would be just as easy to teach a lot of subjects over the internet. The truth is that my girlfriend and I have been helping each other out over the web cam for a lot of things. She is brilliant at your liberal arts types of courses, which I am terrible at. The opposite is true of math and the science, although brilliant might not be the most humble adjective that I could use. It is not the same thing of course, because both of us are motivated and that is a huge issue to consider when it comes to tutoring.